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Winslow’s paintings, between illusion and reality

Charles Christian Winslow works on his pieces on location at Chateau la Chassaigne

Chateau la Chassaigne hosts an exhibition for a second time, this summer. Jean Claude Herrera-Guttierez is presenting twenty four paintings of Christian Winslow in his gallery, until the sixteenth of September.

A play of colors, symbols, themes and texture

The New York artist, who met the gallery owner through a third party namely the Auvergne painter Philippe Avignant, came for a short period of residency in Thiers to paint and exhibit.

Descended from Fletcher Christian, leader of the Bounty revolt, Charles Christian Winslow, has preserved his ancestor’s the taste for independence. He doesn’t make a living from his art, therefore he is not obligated to do any commissions, nor does he have any pressure from art dealers.

For his exhibition at la Chassaigne, he has specifically created a few pieces. His painting draw a connection between Americans and the people of Thiers. “He adds metal and wood shavings to his techniques, which he mixes with acrylic paint, and then shapes them” explains Jean Claude Herrera-Guttierez.

Experimenting with symbolic painting, the artist uses jazz, mythology, and free masonry as his preferred themes. As well as working with color Christian Winslow also uses Jackson Pollock, and his well known dripping technique as some of his references. This dripping technique on the canvas allows him to work with different kind of brushes and blades. Very free in his pictorial choices, Charles Winslow also works abstractly on a few of his canvases.

His play of colors, symbols, themes and texture brings his painting to life, and his canvases express tangible emotion.

The artist allows the public free interpretation of his creation, which rests between illusion and reality and between believing what is before one’s own eyes or one’s personal interpretation.

Info: Chris Winslow’s exhibition is viewable by appoint only during the hours of operation at Chateau la Chassaigne.